Sometimes in the packing process, vignettes just happen - like this little tower

I bought the Dalahorse in Sweden when I was a kid - long before they became all the rage

on the Internet (actually, long before we had heard about the Internet). It's a nice

souvenir from the family summer trips we took with our old, battered VW Beetle.

The red box is from  a local Salvation Army store. I use all kinds of boxes to

organize my supplies and tools. It's really practical - and it looks pretty, too.

Today's link: amerrymishap on Instagram - I love the calm style of her photos so!

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Another day of packing - which means another day inside the apartment

...but at least I caught this beautiul feather before it continued its journey with the wind.

I'm so busy getting ready with everything, and it's easy to forget the outside world.

So yesterday, I abandoned my boxes in favour of a milonga with my tango friends.
Just a tiny breath of normality...

Oh, and I've got a favourite for you: Norwegian girls Moa+Holmberg's new emagazine; SIGN

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This is making me happy today: my beloved Sophie Conran bowl on the coffee table.

Every day, I'm trying to create spots of normality amidst the ever-changing packing chaos.

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My apartment today: banana boxes, disorder, and a calendar that says: 14 days to go!

(my calendar is by Gaëlle Boissonnard - she's been my favourite artist for many years)

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Big journey

Ps. The photo was taken by me yesterday and edited in Photoshop.

The Vsco + Instagram edited original can be found at my Instagram page.

Happy weekend =)

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G is for...

I was invited to a dinner party the other day, and I made a couple of pins for the girls

(whose names both start with a G). These are the tiniest gifts I've ever wrapped...

These photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with the VSCO CAM app, which I

just discovered via this post, written by Rach at the lovely Penelope and Pip blog.

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Almost summer

The last weeks have been absolutely crazy, but I'm still here

- even though I've had to put my creative life on the shelf for a while.

This weekend, I left everything and went to see my mum

(as we do when we need to collect our thoughts a bit).

It was a beautiful summer weekend:

You can view these photos and a couple more at my Instagram page!

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Dear Demoiselle on Twitter

I signed up for Twitter today - here's my page:


 I'll be using it to share my blog and shop updates, so  it'll be a bit like my

Facebook fan page in this respect, but I'll also post links to nice things

I discover on the Internet. Maybe you'd like to follow Dear Demoiselle?

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